Why Did Rust Pick the 'If Let' Syntax?

rustlanguage design

One of my favourite features of Rust is that it has excellent support for pattern matching. This is usually done through match expressions, but there is also a shorter syntax that can be used if you only need a single branch, which is called if let. If yo… more

Introducing Tetra


I'm extremely excited to announce the release of my first public Rust crate! Tetra is a 2D game framework, primarily inspired by the likes of XNA, MonoGame and Raylib. It's got a lot in common with some of the other Rust game engines (GGEZ especially was … more

Writing an Audio Plugin in Rust


Along the long and slightly convoluted path I took to finding my current career as a software developer, I ended up spending a year at college studying music. It didn't really amount to much in the way of gainful employment, but it's still something I'm r… more